Who We Are

Support 7 directly and practically partners with South Snohomish County fire/police/first responder agencies. We come alongside people in need at the moment of crisis, helping victims, survivors and their families move from trauma to hope and healing.

Being dispatched by SNO911, we respond in the moment of crisis assisting first responders as liaison in “on-scene” incidents helping victims and survivors connect the dots to practical next steps. 

We offer…. 

  • A private place to get out of the weather, away from onlookers and potential media.
  • A respite for first responders, a transition place for necessary interviews, and some quick refreshment.
  • A smooth connection to resources (such as funeral, medical examiner office, grief and counseling resources, local assistance for housing/clothing, Red Cross, local churches, and more).

Ken Gaydos PhotoFOUNDER, Ken Gaydos, started Support 7 fulfilling a specific need he saw in Snohomish County. His approach was grounded in the realization that in a time of crisis, victim and survivors are not looking for a lecture on grace but instead a gentle quiet presence and a soft reassuring voice saying…”Hey friend, I’m here to help.”  Ken passed away in September 2018. His legacy of his work continues through others.

Shannon Sessions photoEXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Shannon Sessions, has deep ties in the South Snohomish county community bringing her unique experience as a veteran, former firefighter, local newspaper editor, Lynnwood Police Public Information Officer, small business owner and former Lynnwood City Council member to the role of Executive Director. Shannon’s vast connections, professional experience and integrity are the right attributes to lead this next chapter of Support 7.


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Since 1981, Support 7 and its compassionate, trained and vetted volunteers have quietly served the SW Snohomish County community and its fire and police agencies with a most valuable resource, a private gathering place for victims and survivors at on-scene events of crisis.