Trusted and Trained
For over 40 years, the Support 7 team has been vetted and trained to provide compassionate care at the scene of crisis earning the trust of local public safety agencies.
Support 7 is always on call and "available." And by its very name and nature, Support 7 goes to the scene of trauma. Those in need get immediate help.
Our unique team includes; a volunteer incident response team, the “Support 7” stocked motor-home, and expertly trained chaplains
Support 7 2021 First Responder Calendar

"It is foolish to try and satisfy spiritual needs with physical substance. You can't do the opposite either — when someone is hungry they don't need a lecture on grace, they need their dinner"

—Kingdom Life

Since 1981, Support 7 (ICM) has consistently, purposely, and effectively served all our neighbors within our communities—without regard to social class, ethnic heritage or religious persuasion.
Support 7 (ICM) is supported solely by the financial gifts and free will contributions of its friends and encouragers.

Contact Info

Support 7
PO Box 2604
Lynnwood, WA 98036


Support 7 is made up of trained, compassionate volunteers who each year gently serve hundreds of local families in their darkest moments.